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EcoGen is interested in funding projects on an International basis, especially in the UK, Europe and Africa with good IRR & payback.

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It’s important to note that while renewable energy projects offer financial benefits, they still require initial investments and supportive policies from governments to scale up. However, the potential for revenue generation and cost savings makes the transition to net zero and climate change mitigation economically viable in the long term.

An array of resources

China’s investments in renewable energy worldwide have played a significant role in fostering global cooperation in clean energy development and reducing greenhouse gas emissions


  • Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Green Hydrogen
  • Bioethanol Plants, Geothermal, Solar PV, Waste-to-Energy, Hydroelectricity Dams
  • Clean Coal technology


  • Funding – 100% Debt:Equity
  • EPC
  • Review Feasibility studies

Transitioning to net-zero emissions and adapting to climate change does require significant investment, but it also presents opportunities for financial gains. Renewable energy projects, in particular, can generate a substantial return on investment and contribute to a government’s revenue stream. Here are some points to discuss:

1. Cost savings from renewable energy: Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind have become increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels. As technology advances and economies of scale improve, the cost of renewable energy continues to decline. Governments that invest in renewable energy can reduce their reliance on costly fossil fuel imports, leading to energy cost savings in the long run.

2. Revenue-generating potential: Renewable energy projects, like solar farms or wind turbines, can generate revenue through electricity sales. Governments can lease or sell land for these projects, providing them with additional income streams. Additionally, if excess energy is produced, it can be sold back to the grid, resulting in further financial benefits.

3. Job creation and economic growth: Investing in renewable energy can stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities. Renewable energy projects require manpower for installation, maintenance, and operation, thus generating employment opportunities for local communities. The expansion of the renewable energy sector can attract investments from private entities and foster innovation, contributing to broader economic development.

4. Export potential: Countries with abundant renewable energy resources can exploit their advantage by exporting excess energy or related technologies. Global demand for clean energy is growing, and countries at the forefront of renewable energy development can tap into these markets, boosting revenue through energy exports and technology transfers.

5. Cost offset from avoided climate impacts: By mitigating climate change and adapting to its effects, governments can avoid costly damages caused by extreme weather events, rising sea levels, or agricultural disruptions. These avoided costs can offset some of the initial investments required for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

6. International funding and incentives: Governments pursuing climate change mitigation and adaptation can access international funding and incentives. Various global initiatives, such as the Green Climate Fund, provide financial support to developing countries in their efforts to combat climate change. Governments can leverage these funding opportunities to finance renewable energy projects and related climate initiatives.

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Alan Brewer MSc.